I am a specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine since many years and I attended many post-doctorate qualifying medical courses over the last past years in order to satisfy all your ENT - needs.
For this reason the Landesärztekammer delivered an additional certificate to me which is well known in Germany - the FORTBILDUNGSZERTIFIKAT.

During the consultation hours, you can generally come to see us without an appointment. Depending on the number of patients already waiting, you should be prepared that it might take some time until you are called to the doctor’s. Of course we would like to keep waiting times as short as possible. That is why you are invited to fix an appointment. Please call us by phone: 06151 20506 or make your appointment personally –
- under "Sprechzeiten / Anfahrt" you will find our address and a map.

Emergencies never disturb! 


We offer a wide range of examination and treatments in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine such as:

- Allergology
- Ear - examination
- sleep-medicine
- Bio - Impedance measurement
- therapy with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)
- Sonography
- all common ear, nose and throat treatments

Health-risk prevention

In order to reduce ENT - health risks we suggest:
- a Health risk examination as well as
- Vitality-examination and anti-aging examination.

we added a
- Sportsman – health examination for people who practice sports- like walking or
  running or others on a regular basis.

Please ask us about it – after your health - examination we are able to show you how to live even healthier than before.

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HNO Praxis Dr. med. Pogodsky - im Ärztehaus am Herrngarten